This version of the song is lyrically dedicated to my late wife, Wendy (1953-2012).
Words & Music written by Bob Ryan (C)2011/2017
All instruments and vocals were performed and recorded by Bob Ryan.
Lyric video produced by Bob Ryan.


Do you remember when
I took the one-way wrong way
Trying to make it on time
To make our wedding day
And all your family was late
The preacher saying he couldn't stay
But with the cut of the cake
We'd made a glorious day

Now I hold my spirit over the flame
Til it's good and ready so I can go as I came

Yes I knew it was you
It was like you'd always been mine
Between that walk that you do
And a heart I never thought I'd find

And I sensed the shoreline of a brand new sea
And a beckoning horizon, calling out to you and me

It holds me up when I'm feeling down
It stops my eyes from fixing on the ground
It keeps my heart responding to the sound of love

Now the years rolled by in the blink of an eye
If the truth be told, it's something you just can't buy
And when the time is right, I cry an ocean for all the joy
When laughing's not enough, for this burning, happy boy

So I keep my spirit 'neath the life-giving rain
So when its good and ready, I can go as I came