1. O Mystic Bird

The words in 'O Mystic Bird' consist of a poem written by Abdu'l-Baha. The poem may be found in the book, "Light of the World" pp. 140,141.
The music was composed by Bob Ryan in March of 2023, during the Baha'i Fast.

Bob Ryan on vocals and all instruments.
Recorded at Lightkeeper Music Recording Studios in July 2023.


O lifeless one, bereft of heart and soul,
Come to life, come thou to life!

O slumbering one, wrapt in mire and clay,
Awake, do thou awake!

O drunken one, so dazed and gone astray,
Clear thy mind, clear thou thy mind!

The world is filled with sweetest musk;
the eyes are brightened with His light;
the heavens now are set ablaze.
From life and self be freed, be wholly freed!

Now is the time for sacrifice;
here waft the breaths of Paradise;
secrets Divine are all made known.
Lead thou the lovers nigh, lead them nigh!

The sweetly singing mystic bird,
upon a verdant cypress bough,
imparteth knowledge to the soul;
Commit His secrets to thy heart!
Commit His secrets to thy heart!