Words & Music by Bob Ryan (C)2021
All instruments performed by Bob Ryan
Recorded at Lightkeeper Music Recording Studios (Victoria, BC)


Dancing in the dark
When you smile and tell me I’m the one
I spin you ‘round the trees
Through the night that sprouts a golden sun

And you were like the breeze
Conjured by my tears
Yes you were like the breeze
That cleared my troubled mind
Thru the fog of time, and home

Then rising from below, some old friends
Whose names I can’t recall
They take me on the town
Where we've been, the tall and mighty fall

And you were like the one
Who feels their eyes betray
Yes you were like the one
Confused by what you find
A heart that once was kind

Gone cold and dark, a stranger in our home
A face that once was known, remains
Till I recall the dancer in the dark
A warm and kindly heart, and you, and home