1. Raining Down

This track was recorded in January of 2020 at Lightkeeper Music Recording Studios.
The music was written by Bob Ryan (C)2019, and the words are extracts from a Tablet of Baha'u'llah (the Prophet/Founder of the Baha'i Faith) entitled "The Clouds of the Realms Above", one of His earliest known revealed Tablets.

Bob sings and performs all the instruments.
The string section is performed using a midi-guitar setup.


Extracts from the Baha'i Holy Writings:

'Tis from Our rapture that...the realms above are raining down;
'Tis from our anthem that the mysteries of faith are raining down.
Upon the Eastern wind Cathay's entrancing musk doth waft;
This sweetly scented breeze from our curling locks is raining down

The day-star of adornment hath dawned forth above the face of God;
The sea of purity hath from the wave of true reunion surged;
This precious, rare bestowal from our rapture is raining down.

The treasuries of love lay hid within the very heart of Fars;
From out this treasure trove the pearls of faithfulness are raining down.
The splendour of the rose doth bring the ecstasy of choicest wine;
This subtle music from the ringing tones of Lordship is raining down.

The trumpet-blast of Judgement Day, the joyful bliss of heaven's call –
Both at a single breath are from the firmament now raining down.
The Day of “I am He” is made to shine resplendent from Our face;
The Age of “He is He” from out Our flowing cup is raining down.

Behold the fire of Moses, see His hand that shineth white;
Behold the heart of Sinai – from Our hand all raining down.
Hear ye the sotted lover's sighs, behold the garden blooming fair;

Behold the bliss that from His presence in your midst is raining down.
Behold the Lordly grace that from Our Pen is raining down.