1. Rune-Like

Words & Music by Bob Ryan (C)1982

This track was recorded in 1997 at Lightkeeper Music Music Recording Studios (Penticton BC Canada)
Recording Engineer: Bob Ryan
Remixed and Mastered in 2021 by Bob Ryan at Lightkeeper Music Recording Studios (Victoria BC Canada)

Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals: Bob Ryan
Lead Guitar: Philip Patenaude
Drums: Eugene Smith
Bass & Backing Vocals: Mike Ward
Keyboard: Auberte Campeau
Backing Vocals: Laurel DeWitt


The sparkling light of stars shine
In a blue/black haze
That envelopes this spinning globe
And inner-sight reveals their rune-like light
Probes of flame from that Invisible Sun

But I just don’t believe
That eyes will not behold them
Their shining voice alight
Calling from eternity!

We move a faltering step
As all infants can
Potentially a full grown man
Again we’ll raise our eyes
To those sparkling heights
Our clumsy ways are left behind

Illuminating heavens as black as night
Pinpoints of guiding light
From which, direction’s known-
From left or right
From right or wrong the shadow’s known

Upon the growing daybreak
Their light seems naught
To the blazing of the Mother Sun
But when she sets below the horizons of men
They’re signs of this One encircling Light!