I wrote and recorded this song in 2017 in celebration of the Bi-centenary of the birth of Baha'u'llah, the Prophet/Founder of the Baha'i Faith.

The track was recorded at Lightkeeper Music Recording Studios (Victoria BC).
All vocals and instruments performed by Bob Ryan.


It was 200 years ago
And the sky was dark
And getting darker
With the birth of a baby boy
Came a hint of light
Slowly getting brighter
For the Day of Days had come

His father then dreamed a dream
Where his Son was swimming
In an endless sea
To each lock of His raven hair
Held a myriad fishes
Swimming as one with Him

And all through His youthful years
His fame spread far and wide
His open heart and kindly ways
From door to village door
They came to call Him by the name
The Father of the Poor

When the call of the Báb did sound
The news went out
Ever spreading wider
He arose and affirmed the Day
No hesitant steps, no faint response
And the storm that assailed the land
Brought the Báb's Own death
And banishment and prison walls
For all His Days

Stone walls rising above the sea
A sea-gate to wonders beyond compare
Waves bring pilgrims from lands afar
Come one, come all, Immigrants

Now the years they have come and gone
The darkened sky
Ever getting lighter
With the birth of this baby boy
Came a powerful Day
That knows no night
The Day of Days