1. The Ransom

This song is about the tragic passing of Mirza Mihdi, entitled, the Purest Branch, the youngest son of Baha'u'llah, the Prophet/Founder of the Baha'i Faith.

Words and Music by Bob Ryan.
This version of the song was recorded in 1995 with the band, Spirit Village.


A cold wind, a prison cell
His Father lay in the Siyah Chal
Only four, he'd never known
The luxuries and peace of the family home

And left behind for seven years
As his vision grew through his loving tears
He served his Lord, endured the strain
His tender heart, and mind of the truly free

O Purest Branch!
A ransom for a meeting of the friends
O Purest Branch!
For the gaining of the presence of our Lord

A hot day, the evening cool
He paced the roof in a state of prayer
And he fell - a sudden fate
An open skylight, down on an open crate

And the Friends in shock beat upon their heads
Though the doctor came, he couldn't help
And the Purest Branch, he apologized
Ashamed to lay in the presence of the Friends


There knelt his Lord and asked him
He'd grant it, if he wished to live
But the son he spoke instead
Of an open gate
In the walls of a prison cell

And the Greatest Branch begged for healing
And lay prostate at the feet of his Lord
'O My Greatest Branch!'
Leave him in the hands of his God